Hey all,

As you may know, I'll be TTC in September via IUI. Because I'll be at a clinic and dictated by my cycle, I will probably have to take a few sick days to cover it. However, I'm a nanny and if I'm sick, they don't have much alternative to staying home. I'm worried if I have too many, they'll question my employment but I don't think I should have to tell someone I'm TTC just because I'm not doing it the old fashioned way. I mean, if you were TTC naturally, you wouldn't tell anyone until you were UTD!

So what do I do? Tell them I'm trying and risk them finding someone new and not having a job possibly throughout my pregnancy? (Would be a nightmare!)

Take the sick days as needed and hope they don't get annoyed!

Take the kids with me. As bloods and even insemination etc only take ten minutes, we could go, they sit in the stroller for 10 mins with DP (they love and adore her, she's looked after them before too) and then we go to a park or pool or something later. They don't mind me running my own errands with their kids, just for the record.


Where possible, I'll be doing things on weekends or my day off, but it depends on my cycle as to what days things will happen...