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    Default 21 month old refuses to sleep?

    Ds is 21 months old and from 14 months on he has basically refused to sleep until he is dead dog tired, he will go from 7 or 8 am - 10pm to midnight,

    I do NOT want to do cc or CIO or anything remotely like it but I am at a loss, He wont settle with my help, he wont settle without it and he is very, very sleep deprived.

    When he has a day sleep and a good night he's like a completely differant bubba

    < - that is me most days in regards to sleep, I have no one I can talk to or seek advice from irl as I have basically been told to shut up and put up cos I wont "take control" and stop him from being the "boss" and CC or CIO on him again lol

    Anyone elses toddler do this? how did you fix it? what worked and what didnt?

    Please don't quote as I will be deleting the actuall question later as not to offend people who may recognise me irl

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    take him for an afternoon play/walk. I've been told that the afternoon sun contains induces the body to make hormones that help you sleep better. No idea if this is true but it works 2/3 times for our 18mth old.


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