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    Default Needing help with bedtime battles.

    My DS2 is 9.5 months and HATES bedtime. He will have a nap mid morning when he is exhausted or fed/rocked to sleep. He'll then maybe catnap in the car going to collect DS1 from school.

    Getting him to bed for the night is what is doing my head in however! If he falls asleep at any reasonable time (like before 8pm) he will wake after 20/30 minutes and be rampaging around the house until 9:30pm, or he will just rampage around til then anyway.

    I've tried calm routines with bath, cuddles, stories. I've tried sitting in the room and patting him. If put to bed awake he will stand up in the cot and whinge until that turns into proper tears and sadness and then he is hard to comfort by that stage by any amount of snuggles and breast feeds.

    Any tips on how to get him to bed a) earlier and b) in a less exhausting manner? I was hoping to go back to uni but I am getting no time to myself

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    We actually put DD2 in same room as DD1 when she was 1. Wish I had done it early! They have their lullaby music on and night light! Yes occassionally they talk & squeal but mostly if DD1 is exhausted she goes to sleep first and DD2 follows :-)

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    If you have a regular routine then they are more likely to get the sleep cues, so lets say a walk, bath, baby massage then reading time then bed…so baby has a wind down an hour before bedtime to prepare themselves for sleep.

    A walk is often good to start the wind down because somehow it seems to tire them out even though they are just sitting in the pram & its a great destressor for mum.

    All babies are individual but having 2 under 2 I have found that starting a routine which I have written up in the family room has helped tremendously.

    It also helps to have a routine through the day so you can be sure they are getting enough sleep during the day & night…sometimes being overtired can cause big issues.

    A book that has helped me is "the no cry sleep solution"….

    I am at uni as well so i know what you mean. Things will get better though, my daughter woke every 2-3 hours for a breastfeed until i stopped letting her feed every time she woke - it took a couple of nights & a bit of whinging but she quickly got the message that she would need to self settle instead of having me do it for her. I just softly helped her by stroking her hair or ssshhhhhhing…& only picking her up when she was distress crying.

    She now sleeps like an angel.

    Good luck


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