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    Hi there!

    My clock started ticking its butt off around 15 years of age... To the point that I would poke holes in my boyfriends condoms... Stupid thing to do I know but I jut new that my only real ambition in life was to be a mummy.... My Aunty even told me when I was in primary school and the "what do you want to be when you grow up" question was asked, my response was always - a mummy.

    My view is, if you are in a stable loving relationship and are financially able to give your baby everything it needs, why wait? I don't think there is an "acceptable age" as such, and it changes from person to person. I know plenty of 30+ year olds who aren't ready yet, and plenty of early 20 year olds who ate actively planning there families.

    Do what is right for you xxx

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    Siege we are so alike. I was like you as well. I always wanted to be a mummy. That is what I feel I was put on this earth to do. I know some girls planned their dream wedding when they were little I planned being a mummy instead. I have always played with baby dolls and when a newborn entered our family I would be the first 1 who would volunteer to change nappies, give bottles and even settle. When my sister was born I was in seventh heave because I had a real baby to look after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserama View Post
    I know you say there is nothing at Uni you want but can I make a suggestion? Please do something, study, start building a career. Please please please do not rely financially on a man. I cannot stress this enough! This is my one regret that I didn't do anything during those younger years, even between children I could have been doing SOMETHING.

    Relationships end and people die and if you're left on your own with young children, no job, no experience and no prospects it is going to be extremely hard for you. Please start working on your back up plan NOW! Whether you decide to have kids now or wait....at least be doing something to build up a way to become financial independant. No not rely financially on ANY man!
    I agree with this 100000% !

    Those are some wise words. no one is saying your partner isn't a great guy. But there is nothing like being able to take care of yourself having some kind of work experience ect. You don't ever want to be beholden to another person man woman whatever no matter who they are to you. Particularly when you have children that reply on you. Trust me on that!

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    What the other girls are saying about eduacation is very important.

    Go and get yourself trained to do a job, learn to cut hair or cook or audiotype, get your CCC or librarians or nurses qualification. A qualification that is a job so that between babies you can go and do that job and you won't find it hard to get work.

    If you are having babies young you will need a skill that's in demand so you can support yourself and that little one should the needs be.

    Oh and its a very good idea to clean up your finances if you can. I was taught that the only thing you should be in debt for is a house. Most people i know have car loans and crazy credit card debts and travel debt and loans for all sorts of crazy thing. For such small people babies cost loads so best to start with as few overheads as possible
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