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    Default Multiple Birth survey

    Hi my name is Tisian Lynskey i am a student midwife conducting research into the affects on feedign and birth choices in multiple pregnancies please if you wouldnt mine helping out spend a few minutes to complete these questions and leave answers in replies to the thread or you can email me directly with your responses at tisian_l@msn.com. Thanks

    Multiple Pregnancy Survey-Post Delivery
    This questionnaire aims to look at the differences in multiple pregnancies conceived by IVF or naturally, and see if this has any significance in the decisions made about birth and feeding choices. All information will be used for research only and you are not obliged to give any information you do not wish to disclose. All data is anonymous and does not affect your status in the Data Protection Act 1998. Thank you for your participation.

    1. How old were you when you had your multiple birth?
    16-25 26-30 30 – 40 40+

    2. What is your Marital Status
    Single Married Civil Partnership Divorced Living with Partner

    3. Was this your first pregnancy?
    Yes No

    4. How was your multiple pregnancy conceived?
    IVF Naturally

    5. How many babies did you deliver?
    Twins Triplets Quadruplet Quintuplets More
    Please specify ...............................

    6. Did you plan to breast feed?
    Yes No

    7. Had you breast fed before?
    Yes No

    8.How long did you breastfeed for?
    0-6 months 6-12months 12+ months Didn’t Breastfeed

    9. Had you experienced any medical problems during this pregnancy?
    Yes No
    Please state .................................................. ......................................

    10. What type of birth were you planning?
    Natural Delivery Caesarean Section

    11. What Type of brith did you have?
    Natural Delivery Caesarean Section

    12. Were you been advised against a Natural Delivery?
    Yes No
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