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    Default Regression (or was she ever there?)

    Hi, I need some help!!

    My 2 years and 9 months daughter was started on toilet training about six weeks ago. We had sort of tried a few times prior to this but with a new baby we didn't want to put ourselves through the stress until we knew she was ready. At the very least it got her familiar with the concept.

    She started back in full time day care six weeks ago. We have a great centre who were keen to help.

    We started her as they suggested she was ready, as she was taking off her nappies. So we started and provided she was taken to the toilet she was good with her wees. During this time, she has only once done a poo in the toilet (and only because she thought she had already done it).

    Week before last she was quite unwell with early pneumonia and was pretty much bedridden, so we let her stay in pull ups for a couple of days.

    Now she might as well be a baby. She is not using the toilet unless we really make her. If we dont, she poos and wees anywhere and is almost proud of it. At day care she has become terrible, she will go through 4 - 5 changes of undies a day. They have been very understanding but I think their patience is wearing off (as is ours!), as she doesn't even really try now. They will ask her if she needs to go and put her on the toilet, but then she will wet herself two minutes later.

    We are not really sure what to do! We went with the flow to start, figuring she would get there eventually and we just needed to be encouraging.

    She is a very clever girl, I think almost too clever. She knows what she needs to do but we cant help that think she may be doing this for attention. My wife and I have tried talking to her about it together and separately but its no good. She says she wants to be a big girl and she knows where poo and wee is meant to go.

    We are considering putting her back in nappies/pull ups. I think this is going backwards but we don't know what to do. We cant take her anywhere like she is now.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?? Anyone been through a similar thing?

    Any help much appreciated!!


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    Do you have a potty for her? We have a little one that is like a "chair" so they can back themselves on to it easily as opposed to a little "bucket" (for want of a better word) pot that can easily move. Both our kids have loved it.
    We also got a family toilet seat which has both a child sized and adult seat in the design. Has made the transition to the toilet so much easier for our dd. We were using one of those inserts but it meant a lot of swapping around, plus dd was caught using it as a necklace and dh nearly flipped.
    Just a couple of suggestions!

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    I strongly suggest giving her a break for a month. Let her get all of her negativity towards tt out of her system then start again.

    I used the 3 day potty training method and ds went from complete nappies to dry day and night and poos in the toilet in 3 days. Not kidding. Its very simple and makes alot of sense and alot of it your probably already doing.

    I swear by it. Ds was 26 months old.

    It's not for everyone but I think given you are having a few troubles it would be worth looming into.

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    My DD is doing exactly the same - she decided to start using the toilet a couple of months ago both wees & pops BUT now has lost total interest.
    I think it's very common for toddlers to regress with toilet training then come good again. I recall something similar happening with DS a couple of years back.
    I'm taking a break then will start again all fresh in a few week - in the big picture a few more weeks in nappy pants isn't a big deal and I honestly believe they pick it up and run with it when they are really ready and have the bladder control under control.
    Good luck

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