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    Quote Originally Posted by jacobsmamma View Post
    Another Dental nurse here sounds like u are doing everything u can in terms of tooth brushing. And u can floss his teeth? Wow what a great job! Try to make sure he has nothing else to eat or drink after brushing (other than water) so there is nothing feeding the bacteria that create the holes in teeth.
    I honestly would steer clear of mouth wash especially being so young. There is really no point even for adults. There is an excellent product high in fluoride and other things really good for teeth called tooth mousse. U can only get it from a dentist and may be worth asking about. It can be rubbed on his teeth and left over night and comes in a few pleasant flavors. If u are unable to get this product tooth paste rubbed onto teeth will do a similar job but as with a previous post excessive fluoride can also be problematic.
    I find it quite odd that the dentist didn't even bother to attempt to look in his mouth! Children can be uncooperative at the dentist but to not even try?! I would perhaps get a second opinion and insist they at least have a look. Paediatric specialists (most) are great with kids but are extremely expensive so it may be worth a second opinion. Good luck and try not to stress u are doing a fantastic job
    Great advice

    Totally forgot to mention tooth moose and I use it along with the kids Its a great product. Its also great for pregnant woman and mostly everyone. I think some of it is paid by your PHI as well from memory. Its about $25? Sorry I'm not sure. My dad is my dentist so I don't pay a cent lol.

    Sedation:??? Do you mean gas? Yes they can do gas but they generally charge it by minute, it will still work out cheaper then having a GA. GA are also a little worrying because you never quite no how they will respond to the GA. I cant help you on the costs but ring your dentist and he can give you the codes, then ring your PHI and quote the codes and tooth and they can give you an idea how much you will be out of pocket.

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    No sedation, a doctor comes in and puts an iv in your arm which administers something & keeps you topped up during the procedure.

    It's costs a few hundred on top of dentist cost and some of it is Medicare covered.

    I've used it twice, once while I was pregnant and I think it's great. I'm friends with the dental nurse & apparently I was chatting away about her SIL wedding but I don't remember a thing. :-/

    I'm guessing it must be safer than GA but maybe a bit less scary than gas?

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    If it's in the molar, its probably a bit of food that got stuck that caused the problem. Things like potato chips etc are just as much to blame.

    Just make sure to floss a few times a week.

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    Default Dental tips for toddler to 4yr old

    My DD has a molar that may have a cavity and they are keeping an eye on it - she has no space between her teeth so despite our best efforts cleaning is not effective. Our dentist said to use tooth mousse and floss it between the tooth to try and hold it at bay long enough for the tooth to fall out.


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