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    Default My daughter is becoming a bully. How can I stop it?

    My 7 year old daughter is clearly becoming a bully. She does not name call but she is getting physical and pushing other kids, even kids 5 years older than her. Is there something I can do, besides talking to her which I have done. She says she is not doing it to hurt them and she says that she does not want to hurt their feelings, so maybe she does not even realize what she is doing but even after talking to her a few times she is still doing it.

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    Are there any developmental issues with your daughter?

    Is this happening at school? Have they got strategies to address these incidences? If so you need to follow through with them.

    I would think there needs to be some sort of consequences when this happens. As well as lots of reinforcing of kind behaviour (treating people nicely).

    I may not be the best one to offer advice as this week it has come to my attention that my 7 yr old is being hit with sticks by a group of children. She has also been hit in the stomach.

    The school addressed it by the deputy talking to the class. Incident reports being written and plans for future incidences in place. You need to contact the school I would say.

    I guess it is not much fun being the mother of either child in these situations!


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