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    Default possible new puppy!

    so my ex's dog has recently moved out because my girl hurt him over some food. she has dominance issues with boys. she's a 3yo 31kg staffy/bullmastiff though so i don't want her to be a single dog. hunting, escaping, digging, it's all going to happen. she's such a sweet girl though. mummy's girl.

    SO. i found this ad on gumtree for a couple of puppies someone has taken in and is fattening up. i don't know the story, but apparently she took them in cos they're really skinny, she thinks it may stunt their growth. they're 10 weeks, she wants to sell them at 14 for the amount that she'll have spent on their food/vaxxes etc. i've put the girl (have to get a girl, can't have a boy with my girl's issues) tentatively on hold and i'm going to call her in two weeks to arrange a meet-up for her and my girl and see what they make of each other. apparently she's really shy with other dogs at the moment.

    if they like each other it looks like i'll be getting her! the picture of her is beautiful. she's a tan and white mastiff/arab/ridgeback apparently. which is just about the perfect kind i'm on the lookout for! the lady reckons she'll probably reach about 25kg, which will go nicely alongside my 31kg girl.

    they've called her tiny because she's so little. tiny and tess. tess and tiny. how cute would that be?!

    my only concern with this meeting in two weeks is that tess, with her staffy hunting instincts, often finds issues with small dogs. with this puppy i don't know what she'll do. but i have so many other things to worry about so i'm not going to let it get to me just yet. going to be excited instead! i might be getting another dog in 4 weeks!

    it isn't just for tess though. i would like to have the two dogs. i liked having two dogs around when the ex's dog was here.

    wish me and tess (and of course little tiny) luck!

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    How awesome! We had a staff x bullmastiff dog and he was the sweetest, most loving and gentlest boy ever. Our old neighbours have young boys (1.5 and 3) who'd jump the fence starkers for a visit. Boof followed them around 'guarding' them and waiting for them to climb onto a chair so he could give them a *ahem* clean while their bums were poking out for all the world to see! Gross and cute at the same time.

    We worried about him when our ***** had pups, but he was very curious and protective of the strange little things that suddenly took over. I've read that staffs and bullmastiffs are two of the gentlest breeds, so hopefully your girl will grow to love Tiny.

    Good luck!

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    Wishing you all tons of luck!!


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