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    Default Birth & labour stories? The good the bad & the ugly!

    I was talking with a group of my mum friends about our individual birth experiences.. We are expecting baby 3 early Sept & this is what sparked our conversation. My first & 2nd experiences were completely opposite & I was wondering what stories you can all share with me? Everyone has such a unique experience I just love hearing about them, these stories never get boring!

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    Have you had a look in the birth stories section? Lots of stories to read. CLICK

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    Quote Originally Posted by MothersMilk View Post
    Have you had a look in the birth stories section? Lots of stories to read. CLICK
    Aaahhh!! That's where they are. I searched and searched and couldn't find that section yesterday, so posted mine in the homebirth section. Might repost in birth stories section now too.

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    7th March 2009 (33 weeks pregnant)
    1.00pm - I was happily driving along to the local baby store when bam out of nowhere my car has been hit on the passanger side and I'm on the wrong side of the road in oncoming traffic! Ambulance and police arrive and I have to go to the hospital (much to my displeasure, I wanted to go home). At the hosptal they check me over and check babies heartbeat and we are both ok. The doctors then tell me I'm lucky my airbag went off as if it didn't my child wouldn't have survived (I swear I had a gaurdian angel watching over me that day). After being checked, begging to go home I was finally allowed to leave but had to promise to come back if anything didn't feel right. So off I went to see my poot car, which would not live to see another day
    9.00pm - I felt a little funny so as I promised the dr I went to the hospitall. My dr was already there tending to another lady so he decided to check me over. Like myself, he agreed it was probably nothing but safe to check. So he checks me, looks at me and says "your 3cm dilated and fully efaced, your going to Perth" (i was currently living in Kalgoorlie) stubborn as I am I respond with "no I'm not". Turns out this is not an argument I would win. I was given a steroid injection to make bub strnoger in case the labour progressed and started to be given tablets to try stop the labour progressing. I was also given a drip in each arm.
    12am - I'm on the RFDS plane being flown to perth, alone as my boyfriend Dom can't fit.
    3am - I finally arrive at KEMH (King edwards memorial hospital) scared out of my brain. Luckily a friend offered to drive Dom to perth as he didn't have a licence at the time. Thankfully my labour did not progress past this point and 2weeks later I was flown back to Kalgoorlie to wait it out, and sort out a new car!!!!
    Saturday 18th April 2009 (39weeks pregnant)
    4.30am - I woke feeling a little sick and decided to have a shower. As I'm climbing in the shower I think uh oh I've peed myself, then realise I was only up half hour ago to go to the toilet so its actually uh oh I think my waters have broken. So I call Dom who is asleep in the bedroom and tell him. He asks what I want to do and I respond "have a shower of course" lol.
    5.15am - I get out of the shower (yes i have long showers!) and go wake Dom a second time saying I probably should go get checked at the hospital. 5 mins later I'm at the hospital getting checked (we live close to it lol) and I'm 4cm. I must not have had the right response as the midwife said "normally people are excited when we tell them they are 4cm" to which I say "normally people haven't been 3cm for the last 6 weeks" fair call I must say. So the midwife tells me I'm not in labour yet and it'll probably be another 12hours away so go home get some rest then come back later. I had to wait a few minutes while she filled in her paperwork.
    5.40am - why hello contractions!! The midwife comes back in and I'm in full blown labour and they take me straight to my birth room. My gosh were these contractions... no easing me into them. Jumped straight into a hot shower to try ease the pain. After a while I feel really sick and next thing I know I'm hugging the toilet bowl throwing up(to which they tell me is referred to as the 5cm spew!). Thankfully that passed!! But boy these contractions are harsh so the midwife suggests the gas, off to the bed I go and after one suck on the gas I know its not for me, back to the shower a drug free birth it'll be! I did take the thing you suck the gas through with me though and chewed it till it was flat lol.
    7.00am - 1hr and 20mins after intense contractions its time to push!!!!
    7.42am - Its all over! A beautiful baby is placed on my chest. 15minutes later and they ask if I'd like to find the gender of my baby.

    A beautiful baby girl, Mikayla Jane was born weighing 3540g (7lb 13oz), 50cm long and 34cm head circumfrence after my quick yet itense labour.


    Saturday 19th March 2011 (38weeks 3days)
    12.30am - I wake up feeling sick and in a little pain. So I hop in the shower. Half hour later I'm feeling a little better so get out and hop back into bed to only have more pain. I decide this won't work so I get up, jump on FB and call my best mate. Half hour later I have another pain, thinking this might be it so go wake Dom. Sure enough my contractions start getting closer so we decide we should call my Nanna who is coming to look after Mikayla while I'm at the hospital
    2.30am - My Nanna arrives at my house and my contractions are between 5 and 10minuts apart by now. Dom makes Nanna a coffee and we sit down and have a good chat about things for about half hour. I even manage to give my nan a laugh as during one of my contractions I grab Dom, smile and look up at him and say "you did this to me" in other words, look out all hell is going to break loose soon.
    3.10am - think it may be time to go to the hospital and see what they think.
    3.30am - At the hospital getting checked out and sure enough I am 4cm dilated YAY. The left Dom and I to be in the room and to buzz if we needed them. I can't decide if I want to sit, stand, walk or lean over something, these contractions are driving me insance and getting worse.
    5.00am - I turn around to Dom and say"I bloody well had a baby by this point last time what the F is going on!!!!" I couldn't beleve I had been in labout for 4.5hours already and no baby when my last one was so fast. Turns out my car accident did have a big impact on my labour without me realising it. Feeling sick and in pain I ask to have a shower and jump straight in. :-)
    5.30am - They decide to move me to a birthing suite of my own. So I walk down to my birthing suite and get Dom to run me a shower (its just what I do lol) and that sick feeling is back and I suddenly am throwing up in the toilet bowl. OK I must be around 5cm I think to myself, at this rate it's going to be a long labour :-( About half hour later this pain is getting to much! They try me on the gas. It works and for 5 minutes I am competely dazed out and feeling great! second suck, nope not for me! Another drug free birth it's going to be!
    6.20am - I tell Dom I think I want to start pushing, so we buzz the midwives and they say "nope not yet a little longer" hmmph ok then ladies.
    6.25am - Dom I really think I need to push now. Again we buzz the midwives in and they say again "nope not yet" but this time they stay in the room.
    6.30am - I yell out to anyone in listening range "I need to push NOW, somebody check me out NOW!!!" This time they all listen, check me out and say ok you can push... FINALLY!
    6.33am - Two pushes and 3minutes later a beautiful baby is placed on my chest. This time I'm not waiting 15minutes to see what the gender is, I lift her myself and I have another girl :-)
    I turned around to everyone and say "I told you I needed to push" lol

    A beautiful baby girl, Laura Anne was born weighing 3540g (7lb 13oz), 49cm long and 33cm head circumfrence after a long (in my eyes long) yet rewarding labour :-)


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