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    Default Need help/advice for 3yo DS...

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    My dd was like that at the same age. She doesn't like big crowds and, well 3 yo can be pretty erratic, so she preferred the company of older children/adults that weren't suddenly going to scare her or do random things she wasn't expecting. As she got familiar with children she attaché herself to one child at a time - this was great whilst they were playing together, but if her friend didn't want to play with her, or someone else tried to join in she would crack it. It was hard work but we reinforced reinforced that everyone can play, you can play with different people etc etc, no finally at nearly 5 and in her second year of 4 yo kinder she proudly comes home and tells me that she played with different girls and swapped around etc. So, based on my experience, I would say, keep going, keep attempting socialization, but don't push him into situations that he gets afraid or anxious in, be the mum that is in with the group of kids so he has you there but can slowly meet the other children, help him build up his trust in the teachers too, he might move from your security and hand to theirs, but teachers are normally pretty good at including the 'shy child' but not letting the child dominate their time. Slowly and steadily hopefully he will see that the children are fun and he can trust them. Maybe try one on one playdates with some kids (as in one child and mum at a time).

    It is hard work I know, I always felt like I was the only mum who couldn't just sit down and relax at the park, or was always the one holding my daughters hand at classes etc. But only within the last month or so I really see her confidence picking up and the light at the end of the tunnel!

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