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    Quote Originally Posted by lulu 2 View Post
    Just check the rental market before you go tell her to jam it as it is not good atm, we only have one rental available in our area and there is usually heaps but there is so many ppl coming into the state atm that they are all being snapped up.
    3 monthly inspections are the standard here in WA and they usually give you one 6 weeks after you move in too.
    As for dusting yes they can ask for it to be done and furniture shouldnt be marking the walls ( you could have felt for all she knows but maybe she has had tenants damamge the walls before and as a PP said it is hard for landlords to get the damages payed for so maybe this is just a precaution) but asking for bench tops to be cleared is not ok as part of a standard inspection unless they have included it in the lease. There is a list on the lease of what they expect at every inspection. At least they are not asking for more money like our landlord, its getting rediculous!
    There are quite a few houses in my area so no problem there.

    Dusting I can understand. I keep the house clean and don't have a problem with that. It's all the other demands on the inspection letter that sh!t me.

    Also, she has put our rent up every 6 months, which I know is allowed but she has told us it's because of DP's good salary. Gee thanks, didn't have other things to pay like a massive pile of debt. Also, she is demanding that we pay the extra onto the bond due to the increase in rent... Not likely to happen as I'm not legally obliged to, don't want to and it's such a hassle every 6 months to change the rent payment because the RE don't do it. I have to ring the company that does all their rent payments to do it.

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    Is the agent writing the rent increase into the lease seeing your lease is for 12 months? Otherwise they have to give you 60 days notice in writing if they intend to increase it. I am checking with reiwa today as I think there is a limit to how much they can increase it if they are doing it more than once within 12 months to the same tenant, well i hope so anyway as we cant afford it if it goes up anymore. As for the bond top up you have to pay that as per the rules of the residencial tennacy act ,we had to top our pet bond recently too as that has gone up another $160 which is not decided by the agents either they have to do this by law.

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    That's a bit discriminatory to up your rent due to your income. The house is worth what it's worth, your income should have NOTHING to do with it in the private rental market. She really sounds like a piece of work. As for the over-inspecting, if you're not tearing the place apart and have so far caused no damage, (and I'm pretty sure you don't sound like the house-wrecking kind!) she has no cause to inspect so often and it sounds illegal to me. Take her to the Tribunal if you have the energy for ruining your quiet enjoyment of the place.

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    Inspections in wa are every 3 months, and rent can be increased 6 months into a 12 month lease

    She sounds like a nightmare, would you feel confident she would find tenants asap i'd you broke lease? As you would be liable to pay rent until new tenants were found.

    Call the tenants advice board ang tell them every thing, they may have some advice.

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    Legally, you have one six week inspection, and then one every three months thereafter until your final inspection. Any rental increases have to be written into your lease or agreed upon resigning a lease. Legally you have to top up your bond. They are required to give you ten days notice before entering your property and if they attempt entrance before this you are well within your rights to refuse. As for the cleaning etc. Inspections are meant to ensure you are not damaging the property. My real estate gives out a letter of what's expected and it's normally pretty reasonable. The only time extra inspections are allowable is when a breach is issued.

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