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    Default Pre natel depression or hormones

    Just some need in advice on this How I could help someone or even if you think it maybe a problem?

    A friend is currently pregnant with her 3rd baby about 5 mths. I have known her a long time however only been closer to her in her last 2.

    In her 2nd pregnancy around 6-7 Months she went through a stage sayin her partner was cheating it was the end even saying things like she would stab him etc ( I know the partner and knew this to by be true) all went well after her pregancy she admitted she was hormonal "pyscho" her words an would laugh about it.

    Well now she is 5 mths pregnant again and this week has started the whole argument again!

    My concerns are:

    Last week she rings me asking me for any dresses to borrow because she is soo fat! ( she is prob a size 10-12 with just a pregnant belly, so not fat) and then Asked if I can do hair an makeup for a function as she is pregnant and ugly! The comments about being "fat" are constant.

    Now she has accused her partner of cheating again te words she is telling me are :

    She feels unloved, he doesn't want to be with her, she is ugly etc.

    I have since found out that with her first pregancy she actually left the father for a few months also due to faithfullness issues ( which she ended up-being with him for 18 mths after he birth of the baby).

    So my question is how do I help her when I think deep down she does not like being pregnant as she "feels" ugly, fat etc to the point of feeling unloved, cheated on etc? If I was to bring this to her in her current state of mind she would tell me I'm stupid and Sticking up for the partner

    Thanks for reading this long post

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    Oops I miss typed I know that the partner has not cheated in the past on her


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