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    Default Help! When to give up?

    My DD2 us 2.5 years, we started toilet training last week when she showed interest in wearing a pair of towelling training pants instead of her nappy.
    All was going well last week both at home and child care. She was weeing on the toilet with only a couple of accidents each day. But then she did a poo on the toilet and I don't think she like that and has refused to go to the toilet ever since.
    I encourage her to go to the toilet but she just keeps telling me 'no' and wees in her undies or training pants. I don't want to push her as she just gets upset.
    Do you think I should give up for a bit and try again later or keep encouraging her and deal with the many accidents?
    All advice much appreciated.

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    It's really up to you which way you go but i tried both and i'm not sure which worked but my little miss is now 3 and fully trained day and night.
    she started showing an interest in the toilet at about 20months but we had a terrible time with her TT. she had an ear infection about 2months after she started and the antib she was on gave her diarrhoea so she had to go back to nappies and then once back in undies she was just having accidents all day long. i tried just dealing with the accidents then put her back in nappies and then went through accidents again.

    sorry i don't have any real advice but i do promise no matter which way u decide to go she will be toilet trained in the end

    good luck

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    Lots of toddlers develop a fear of pooing in the toilet. There's a fair bit of info if you google it.

    My DD seemed ready to try TTing just after 2 years old but she started trying to hold onto her poo (weeing in toilet/potty was fine though) and she got quite distressed when it was time to do a poo....running around the house frantically yelling "no poo! go away!" so we backed off and tried about 9 months later and she was fine.

    I know lollies and the like are frowned upon by some when it comes to rewarding your child for using the toilet or potty but we did let her have a malteser each time she went to start off with...just to get the ball rolling

    When the pack of maltesers ran out I bought a bunch of little cheapy toys from $2 shop and let her pick a toy from the bag each time she went. This helped too it only lasted a few days but it was good to hold her interest long enough to form a habit in using the toilet regularly.

    If you can try and make it a positive and exciting thing for her she might be prepared to try again but if she is really getting upset when you ask her to do it then I would leave it for a few months and try again.

    Best of luck!


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