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    Default Confused about the risks?

    I was hoping that someone could help clear this up for me:
    Vitamin A! I know that it is not recommended during pregnancy (as in a supplement, eating vitamin A rich vegies/food is different)..so, my question is, what am I allowed to have? Specifically those ready to drink "breakfast drinks" like Up n Go, Sustagen (sp) etc.. they are somewhat considered a supplement and I love to drink them instead of eating breakfast.. at least a few times a week, but it says that Up n Go contains Vitamin A. As it is not coming directly from an actual food source (like a carrot) and the drink is made to be used as a dietry supplement, is it OK?
    I've asked this before, but still confused.. I've tried googling some info, but the info still didn't clarify. Does anyone know?
    Here's what I found:

    *Supplementing with vitamin A is not recommended in any form during pregnancy.
    Check the labels of any multivitamins you are taking to make sure they do not contain vitamin A (although small doses may not be of great concern).

    High levels of vitamin A during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy have been shown to cause birth defects in some babies. This can affect the baby's eyes, face, brain and skeleton as well as their intellectual development. *

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    From my knowledge you should be fine, I've just checked my up and go and the vitamin A level says 17% of your daily intake plus my naturopath had up and go,s on my diet when I was pregnant and she never mentioned any problems with vit A! I just checked my pregnancy vitamins and they don't contain any at all! Vitamin A is one of the easiest vitamins to get ( in all fruit and veg - 1 small carrot gives you your daily requirements!) so if worried check with your Obgyn

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    Check with a professional, but I'm fairly sure normal dietary levels of Vit A are fine, you just should never ADD vitA at all (ie supplement) or take a non-pregnancy specific multiVitamin.

    I had an up & go every day of both of my pregnancies. It's all I've ever had for breakfast

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    VitA comes in a few different forms. The main two names to be aware of are beta carotene and retinol (and other things that start with retin-).

    With beta carotene you cannot overdose on VitA. Beta carotene is two vitamin As joined together, and your body just doesn't bother separating them if you have enough VitA. Beta carotene is the type that occurs in vegetables, it's orange in colour, so is obviously the form you get from carrots and pumpkin etc.

    With retinol (and similar chemicals) you can overdose on VitA. The Aust Govt says not to exceed 3000 micrograms (3 mg) for women, whether pregnant, lactating or neither. Lower the limit if you have any problems with your liver.
    The recommended daily intake to meet the needs of 95% of women is 700 micrograms, for 2nd and 3rd trimester pregnancies it's 800 micrograms, for lactation it's 1100 micrograms.

    (Australian Government Department of Health and Aging, National Health and Medical Research Council, NZ Ministry of Health (2006). Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand: Including recommended dietary intakes. Commonwealth of Australia: Canberra.)
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