My 3yr DD has never been much of a sleeper from the day she was born. She only ever cat napped. But since she was about 2 she has been suffering from server night terrors. She will sit up screaming, talkings but never actually wake up. We go in and talk to her and comfort her and make sure she has her monkey with her to cuddle.

We have a night light in her room and we also have her bedroom light on dimmed. It seemed to help for a little while but now her Night terrors have come back in force. The night light still helps by reducing her from having constant terrors all night down to just one night terror a night.

She has a set night time routine every night and nothing changes.

She also hates going to bed and will make any excuse not to go. She says it's to scarey or her bed is to hot (but its not).

I dont know what to do? She wakes up her 7month old sister and both myself and her dad.

Hoping someone can help or suggest something we can do.