I'm new around here so I thought I'd just say hello. My name's Michele, I'm 31 living on the Northside of Brisbane with my DD who is 8 months today!

I've been flying solo since before Madeleine was born, but FOB has suddenly decided he wants to see her regularly (well, actually see ME it would seem - he saw her a few weeks ago for the first time in 6 months and barely looked at her *rolls her eyes* and just kept trying to talk to me about, I have no idea what was trying to block it out) Unfortunately I can't STAND him - just the thought of him makes me want to physically vomit and start crying violently at the same time (sadly I'm not exaggerating here) so I'm really really struggling with the idea of suddenly having to put up with him in our lives to be FAIR to DD *sigh* day by day I guess.

Anyway I do have a friend with a baby which is wonderful - but I would like to make more so that Madeleine has others to interact with and learn social skills etc, plus it would be awesome to meet other parents that share the same ideals etc

Look forward to chatting with you guys and getting advice on how to's and so forth.

I thought I'd put my oddest craving as the title, so if you wanted to say hi via this thread you could do the same - they're always amusing I think