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    Default 6yo DD With Possible ADHD, any suggestions or advice welcome :)

    Hi everyone.

    I really have no clue about ADHD, but my DD seen a Pediatrician in 2010, when she was 4, he thought she was defiantly very vibrant and 'on the go' and not ruling out ADHD and maybe a time when medication is needed. but to follow a diet, in which we have, but the last few weeks things have gotten worse in behavior wise.

    Over the last couple week her behavior has been terrible. I know young ones can be a handful, but sometimes i think its just a little over the top. Some behaviors are happening at school, for instance i recently had a meeting with her teacher, that informed me her behavior is not good at all, when i arrived she was on her way running out of class and gone for a good 10 mins without teacher approval, she refuses to listen in class and comprehend the tasks given of her, she has to be continuously prompted to follow a task, she will not follow simple school rules such as get ready or pack up. it takes her forever. the teacher has to continually tell her how to do her work even though she has examples and been shown unless she has someone telling her what to do she can't Finnish this. the teacher has suggested a Special ed program for her as she is unable to follow simple instructions and comprehend it seems at school she is in year one, she has problems with reading as well she refuses to do that as she can't sit still long enough and loses interests but these are books she is choosing.

    the behavior at home is:
    1. she wakes up every morning without fail at 5am (refuses to go back to sleep as its boring) we have block out curtains etc but she won't go back to sleep. she will try and wake everyone up or run amok in the house bouncing off the walls. she runs in and out of her room slamming doors and screaming putting her tv on (i remove it at night so doesn't happen anymore) jumping up and down on the bed and destroying toys until i get up to her.

    2. with homework or any activities she complains its boring even without trying, for instance we do craft together and she wants to do it, and then goes it boring and i have to do it for her, same with colour in she will get up after 10mins and just run away leaving it all there saying she is bored, and when we watch tv she wont' sit when a ad is on she will jump over couch and run up and down the hallway non stop and screaming, she has warnings about her behavior but it don't stop till she ends up in the quiet room one day she was in there about 8 times.

    3, at school she wanted me to excuse her from religion class, and swimming, and Friday activities as it was all 'boring' and you have to do work and that is boring!

    4. meal times are a battle, for breakfast no matter if its toast or cereal it takes 45 mins and dinner time she can't sit still she jumps and skips around the table and fights with her brothers runs across the kitchen table at times she can't sit on her chair at all, to the point we have a timer on and tell her if she don't eat its bed time.

    6. she can't play at all on her own(her brothers can) she has to have constant attention in some way, if she is on the trampoline or on the scooter or even playing her game-boy she needs you there, she talks non stop i mean non stop! and if she can't get pass a level in the game she wants to change it that's before of course she gets bored with it and throws the whole game-boy away in frustration. and EVERYTHING is just BORING!
    we even watch tv together and she can't still or down she talks non stop and won't stop climbing over the couch or talking or getting attention in some way. this is getting frustrating as i try to do things together and have things to entertain her but she won't have no part of it.

    7. when all her activities are 'boring' as they always are, she torments everyone, her brother, dad and the pets! and she ends up in quiet room, even though she has options of fun activities but would rather gain attention in some other way (not a good way either)

    8. school homework is a battle, she refuses to do it with dad totally, i have to do it with her she will read with lots of frustration she won't listen, or comprehend and gets up and tries to run off etc, and same with her spelling words, she can do it when she wants to, when she concentrates she can do it, but when i get really firm she will do it but with lots of arguing and stress and screaming and it all boring speech!

    9. getting ready for school each day takes nearly a hour as well, she knows the routine but it ends in frustration and not listening or following simple tasks (same as at school) i don't know if she doesn't comprehend or what the problem is? but its always the kids fighting and me getting upset she can follow simple tasks same as breakfast and the constant playing and talking and won't get ready.

    10. at night/late arvo she will fall asleep and crash on the couch and you put her in bed or tell her to go hop in bed your tired she says i am not tired and fight and scream, that she never went to sleep and argue and Lie about things and scream at me. and don't want to go to sleep as its 'boring' .

    Everyone gets frustrated with her behavior, even her friends at school get annoyed at her she can't hold friendships long term, she has new friends each week (i know kids are like this but she gets nasty and i have seen her in action) and she does it at home as well to her family, she can't be stimulated even though she has lots of fun activities to do, she is 'bored' with everything! she runs up the wall if she does not have the diet set and eats something shouldn't. and when i take her to the park 10 mins later wants to leave as its boring....i don't know what to do.?

    FYI: she eats a balanced diet, she has lots of stimulation and has school everyday. (P.S she is ATM refusing to eat her lunch at school she will eat one thing and everything else is there she claims there is not enough time to eat, even though its a hour break' and the teacher said she won't show her the lunchbox and won't listen to bring it to her refuses and she is to busy running around with other kids)

    WDYT? i am ringing Monday for her to be reviewed by the Pediatrician that come to the conclusion of possible ADHD, and see what he thinks now? and make a new appointment with him.

    Is there something I am missing? or not looking at? if she does ADHD is there something i can do in the meantime to help her? i feel so sad when i get angry at her, but when she goes to bed i am exhausted she literally wears me out its like she is in non stop action all day everyday (even weekends there is no break) (i am almost 30 weeks with number 4) and then i am up around 5-6 every morning. i don't know what to do....

    Do you think it could be ADHD? in the meantime what can i do till she sees the Pediatrician? I just want to do what is best for her and help her the best i can, i love her and its sad to her like this, and hopefully-the house can run smoothly. I feel so bad typing this We have also a Behavior therapist she see's and she is thinking ADHD well. (She helps with behavior techniques) but nothing has really changed,(at home or school) so we thought it is time to see the Pediatrician for a review.


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    Default Possible ADHD/ODD advise.

    Hi there,

    I know this is an old post and am not sure if you still visit bubhub but I am interested in knowing how you got along with your daughter. I am kind of in the same situation myself with my 6yr old daughter. Any words of wisdom?



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