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    Default Hoping there's someone else going through the same!

    I decided to share my story in hopes someone has advice to give.
    Im 20 and me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex for over 1 year i have PCOS and only have my period a few times a year (not even sure i ovulate) but over two months ago I was vomiting and feeling nausea every morning for atleast two weeks, went to my doctor and he noticed my nose was stuffy and told me I had a postnasal drip which was making me sick (it didn't feel like that cos i'd assume you would be able to feel your **** dripping down the back of your nose/throat i think we know what that feels like) i expected the doctor to look into possible pregnancy because everyone at work was telling me i bet your pregnant. At this time i also was having sharp stabbing like pains in my breasts not sure if it was related? within the next couple of days i took 3 pregnancy tests first neg, second faint second line and third neg. The nausea disappeared so I didn't think any more of it. Also forgot to mention at this time it had been a very long time since i had had any type of vaginal bleeding or cramping.

    Around three weeks ago I had some light bleeding (spotting i guess you could say because i did not use a pad or tampon) for about 4 days (normally my periods are very heavy when i get them and last for ages) then the following day i started getting sick again along with a long list of other things that have have been happening..

    Me and my boyfriend had sex the day after the symptoms appeared and it hurt and i spotted a bit after, also my clitoris has been overly sensitive TMI but i cant stand stimulation.

    So the symptoms are as follows- (trying to put them in order)
    -very sore breasts and nipples couldn't sleep on my tummy OR BACK from the back cramps i was getting
    -Breast enlargement but the soreness went away
    -erect nipples have hung around about a bit over 2 weeks now
    my nipples seem a little cracked and discoloured like kind of a shiny metallic orange (doesn't look infected just 'off' in patches)
    from a distance they look very red and irritated it looks like there are white spots under the skin and sometime there are little white dots of something just sitting on top of the skin, my boyfriend said my nipple smelt like milk ( im sure he was just teasing though but he still sticks to it, just sounds weird though)
    I don't think my areola has darkened but i have those montgomery glands making an appearance and most of the time they have white heads..
    -tingling feeling through my boobs at first i only felt them after having a cold chill like it felt as if the chill went through my body then my boobs last ( looked it up first i had ever heard of it so i feel somewhat proud that I at least know one thing isn't just in my head) now i still get the tingles at random times also when i heavily inhale or exhale maybe because my chest tightens?
    -I have been noticing that even if i only just had a shower half an hour ago my underarms smell (really odd for me as i never smell and its actually frustrating)
    - the typical cramps, twinges, stretching feeling around my bellybutton and everywhere else down on my tummy (the other day i had a feeling of the belly button being pulled inward it made me drop to the ground)
    - back aches lower just above my bum crack back spasms cramps and also upper back aches something tells me its from my heart beating fast for a prolonged amount of time i used to get it on duromine sometimes it was horrible its also the same feeling you would have after an anxiety attack hard to explain but thats why i think its my heart.
    - aching hips and pains side to front area
    - break out of acne on my chin more then i have had in ages
    - bloating about 70% of the time and a couple of time i was just feeling around in my tummy (probably too hard) from where it went squishy to hard and about an inch down from my ribs is where it started getting hard as soon as i poked the hard part it gave me a sharp pain in my vagina or cervix is where it felt it had come from, the stupidly got my boyfriend to do it next then the same thing made me drop to the ground ( he was like ashley please dont do that again, dont know why i did it a second time anyway)
    - was having very sore ribs i thought it may have been from my breasts getting heavier and resting down there (iv been having horrible posture) i changed to a bra without wire and it helped.
    - typical mood swings very irritated i get obsessed with playing this game zumas revenge and if my boyfriend tries to talk to me while i play i get so angry at him and frustrated, i feel like when im trying to concerntrate on something i get very angry for no reason when people talk to me so iv tried to maintain myself also randomly crying about stupid things and the crying lasts for about 30 seconds or less.
    -my vagina has been itchy and sore when having intercourse and im suspecting i may have thrush (not sure though but from passed experiences i think i might it seems it may have come out of no where)
    - getting puffed out after everything i do which is weird
    - waking up in a hot flush and being very irritated and very desperate for cold/fresh air
    - i dont like my feet being tickled at the moment its so unbearable if someone tries to do i get really defensive and really cranky ( not sure if of relevance)
    - my tummy feels like under my skin i am being tickled, best i can explain it as a droplet running down my skin on the inside and it tickles and to stop it i give a little scratch (i have stretch marks on my tummy from rapid weight gain previously and i thought it may be my stretch marks stretching from all my bloating not sure though)
    - quite a high temperature (not measured though) just always feel hot a sweaty but not sweating on my feet especially


    anyway so I know there could be a lot of things wrong as i've found a lot of similar symptoms but pregnancy seems to be the condition my symptoms fit best in to.

    After these experiences had continued about a week (people might accuse me for making it up if i get my dates mixed up but i cant bloody really remember i had it charted in my iphone but then had to restore it .... ) i went and seen my doctor he said ( i hate doctors at the moment) hmm it sounds a bit like pregnancy symptoms if you have not got your period in three weeks come back which sounded absurd because i never get them, all the doctors i get given don't care they just think im a hypochondriac and I know im lucky that we have a bulk billing system in australia and some people aren't that lucky but maybe if i paid to see a doctor id be paying them to at least try and do their job.. i just want these back and tummy pains to go away if i am not pregnant..

    Anyway with negative HPT's three weeks was just too long to wait so i decided to go to a different doctors surgery (more frustration) but i got a beta HCG test and the results came back with <1 (so negative) so here i am more confused maybe it was too soon, after reading some posts im leaning more toward possibly it could be the cysts mimicking pregnancy or whatever they are doing but i attempting to get into the after hours service this weekend with hopes there that they might care or understand it's a bit of a travel but i want answers haha. Maybe i'll get an answer but if not i still have about a week and three days until my (three week checkup/re-evaluation with my **** doctor) If anyone has had symptoms more specific to my long essay please contact me if anyone made it to the end haha..

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    Sorry but to me it sounds like my typical PCOS symptoms... I also have Endo. I know it must be driving you crazy but there are a lot of symptoms you wrote down that aren't really pregnancy related and if you were I would think you would get a positive result by now and if you had a negative blood test I would say definitely not.
    Are you on any form of medication or contraceptive for your PCOS? It sounds as if you need it controlled.

    Also your boyfriend saying your nipples smell like milk??? You don't even get milk until a couple of days after giving birth, you produce colostrum during pregnancy and I can assure you none of it smells like milk...
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    If your symptoms were because of pregnancy, then your HSG levels would be higher.

    HSG is what causes a lot of those symptoms, so I very much doubt you are pregnant.

    I'd be asking your GP to test your hormones and make sure things are balanced as they should be.

    Good luck.

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    Sounds a lot like my pcos symptoms too I for ever thought I was pregnant and never was but with research and help I am now preg with baby number 4 so if you are trying for a baby maybe speak to your doc about trying Clomid to help you get pregnant


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