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    Default VBAC and epi

    So, here's the thing. My first birth ended in an emergency c-section due to fetal distress at 40+6, which I honestly believe was exacerbated by the fact that I was strapped to monitors and had the urine catheter in from the moment they broke my waters as soon as I got in the labour room. Admittedly, yes, the waters were filled with meconium, so obviously DD was distressed while I was labouring before that point, but I feel like it wouldn't have been necessary for the c-section had I been able to move around.

    Anyway, I'll be at a different hospital this time around, and I've been offered a VBAC, but I've been informed by a midwife that I'll be strapped to the monitors again if I do so. Given my feelings about my previous labour, obviously I'm concerned that being strapped down will lead to the same conclusion.

    First labour, I only had gas + peth (which did nothing for me), and I really didn't cope well with the pain. I kind of want to do this labour with stronger pain relief, and I was wondering if anyone else had had a successful VBAC with an epi?

    It would help to know if I have that option available, if I can't walk around anyway.

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    I'm also going for a VBAC so can't speak from experience but I've done a heap of reading which suggests an epi isn't good for VBACs though plenty of women have done it (try googling epi & VBAC, you'll find heaps of anecdotes from other websites and forums as well).

    As for continuous monitoring, it's generally hospital "policy" for VBACs no matter where you go, but you always have the right to refuse which is exactly what I'll be doing. Lying down unable to move is pretty much a contraindication for a successful VBAC. If they want to get baby's heartbeat, they can use a doppler. It's more effective & far less restrictive. it might also be worth asking if they have telemetry CTGs (mobile, wireless) but these aren't common & are just as unreliable. It's also worth keeping in mind that it s perfectly normal for baby's heartbeat to change during/after contractions. There's a bunch of info on the Internet about that as well (can't remember specifics right now, hence the generalisation).

    Good luck with your VBAC.

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    They like to do constant monitoring with a VBAC and i think it is really about covering there butts if something goes wrong.

    I had a sucessful VBAC but didnt have an epi - the midwives told me that you have a better chance of having the vbac if you dont use it. They also told me that if you have constant monitoring then you could need to go to the toilet every 20 minutes or so - they arent going to make you wet yourself so you can get up and walk around then (that is if you want to be a bit cheeky).

    They also told me that if you want to get up an walk around then get up and walk around - it is your birth. Granted you might get some control freak midwife that wants you to stay absoultly still but you can tell her to go jump

    When you go to your hospital tour ask to see the monitoring devices - i was constantly monitored thru the vbac but i could (if i had wanted to) walked about 3 metres in every direction around the bed.

    As it turned out thru the first stages of labour i just lay on the bed chatting with DH and my folks, then it all happened so quickly that i didnt want to (also dont think i would have been able to) get off the bed - i dont think my legs would of held me.

    So in my case being moitored constantly didnt have any affect on me the second time around but i believe that being induced, and having an epi the first time is what resulted in my emerg c/sec

    Good luck


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