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Not sure about other states but in NSW there is a requirement for a certain amount of university qualified carers, TAFE qualified carers and trainees. Can't remember the exact numbers.

I also asked how long staff had been there - I would expect a good environment would retain staff so might be another good question to ask.
With national regulations now across Australia the number of staff with qualifications shouldn't matter which state your in.
In our centre with a child daily number of 54( 30 preschoolers 3-5, 16 toddlers 2-3 and 8 babies 0-2) we require two uni trained, 3 diploma trained (TAFE) and 2 cert 3 trained and 2 trainees. Currently in our preschool room we have 3 carers, uni and diploma qualifications, diploma and trainee. In toddler room 2 carers uni and diploma qualifications and cert 3 and 2 in possums diploma and cert 3 and than a floating trainee and our director is also uni trained with diploma qualifications as well.
I hope that's understandable ?