My name is Zainab, I am a mother of a 2 year old boy and am currently finishing off a post graduate course in early childhood education.

I am offering childcare based from my home in Craigieburn, because I really love looking after children and I am looking forward to the opportunity to further implement what I have learned in my studies and create fun learning environments for children.

Currently I have availability 7 days a week, at any time of the day (or overnight stay if required). The cost for one child per day of care is $40 (maximum 12 hour stay, longer hours can be negotiated if required). A discount is available for families with multiple children: $40 per day for first child, $30 per day for second child and third child free. All costs include meals and snacks.

The daily program I will offer in my home includes: free play time (in various play areas), meal times and three optional activity sessions per day.

The play areas that will be available to children during free play time include:
1. Construction area, (including block play, recycled ‘building materials’ and other changing play materials such as toy animals and cars)..
2. Home play area, (including dress up clothes, dolls and various objects found around the home for dramatic play such as: pots and pans, dinner sets, telephone, computer keyboard, etc)
3. Reading area (with various children’s books)
4. Drawing area.
5. Puzzles and problem solving activities will also be available for children to choose to play with.
6. Activities for babies if recquired.

The optional daily activity sessions will include:

1. Creative play session (a daily art, science, cooking or role play activity).
2. Outdoor play session (or trip to nearby park, subject to parental permission and weather conditions).
3. Reading session, (a daily reading of several books of children’s choice and discussion).

Five meals will be provided daily (depending on the children’s hours of attendance), these will include: breakfast, morning tea snack, lunch, afternoon tea snack and dinner. All meals will be prepared in accordance to halal dietary requirements. Please let me know of any special dietary requirements your child has, as I may be able to accommodate these in some or all of the meals provided.

If you have any further questions or would like to come for a visit to see if the program and environment would be suitable for your child, please email me at: