I used to attend a self managed Journaling group in my local area and went to it for over a year but I could to not go for 2 terms last year due to looking for a new house to live in and my 4 year old sons new kindy schedule as it was 4 afternoons a week and I wouldn't be able to get from the group to kindy in 15 mins as i don't drive.

I decided to go back to the group last week as my ds started a new kindy thats only 2 days a week only to find out everyone was giving up group and that it would no longer be running. The 2 people that were there were complaining about lack of funds and people showing lack of commitment etc and new people being there etc. The of the group was that it was a progression group from a already run group from anglicare and that we were to be self managed and run after a bit of help from anglicare. And now they want to easily give it up.

I am now very disheartened that the group has come to an end because I enjoyed getting out if the house n catching up with people and the fact that 2 anglicare workers helped us set up this progression group that all there efforts amount to nothing as people just want to give up when times are tough. And we have no new members joining,

I mean why can we not have a rota where each week someone brings the morning tea, and one person organises what the journaling activity is. And as for complaining about lack of funds why can people not go out and say each buy $20 worth of scrap-booking/journaling items for the group. I would have had no problem with doing this at all as I donated many of my old scrapbooking papers, pens etc to the group. The group was supposed to be self managed which meant we were meant to get funds for the group ourselves not expect it to be handed to us on a plate.

Sorry this is so long I just am really cross with people who i thought were passionate about this group decide to give up at the first hurdle and let it close because they dont want to put the effort into it.