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    Quote Originally Posted by jadeelyon View Post
    But the party line changed last year to support gay marriage, and she still says she's against it. If she was just toeing the line, I'd accept her, but I personally prefer Rudd.
    Lobbies, lobbies, lobbies. They are tough to fight, even for a pm.

    Quote Originally Posted by Janesmum123 View Post
    If Julia wins its over your right. And it looks like she will win.
    The labor party are so out of touch right now.
    How can they think Julia has any chance at the next election.
    Everyone I have come across who have voted labor their whole lives will not vote for Julia they are going for Tony simply because they hate her so much.
    How can she not be embarrassed, the people do not want you as PM go away please just go no hard feeling but just leave!

    I have always voted labor but I simply can not bring myself to vote for her or the MPs who are stupid enough to back her.

    So tony welcome to being the new PM you will win the next election with a landslide and the labor party only have themselves to blame. Hang your heads in shame.
    Most of caucus dislikes Rudd with a passion. The majority of all government departments dislike Rudd with a passion. He is incredibly nasty away from the camera and has successfully manipulated the public into thinking he is Mr Wonderful via the media.

    The reason he will lose on Monday is because those caucus members who haven't cowered to his threats would rather lose the next election than have him return as PM. The destruction of the party did not start with Julia, it was started by Kevin's inability to do the job. Unfortunately, they made a grave error at the time of his ousting, to not give a detailed description of why he was cr*p.

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