We are yet another couple looking for a surrogate in Perth..
After many heartbreaking years of investigations and trying IVF, we fell pregnant (naturally, a miracle).

Due to the shape of my uterus (T-shaped), they were unsure of we could keep the baby. After a roller coaster of being told we can't keep it (risk of my uterus rupturing), to we can keep it, to having to have a laproscopy to have a closer look, we were told we can keep it.

Unfortunately at week 16, I went into "labour", water broke and the cervix opened.. Devastating time for myself and my husband. Our DR has now told us he doesn't recommend I fall pregnant again, due to the shape of my uterus, and the only chance of us becoming parents is through surrogacy (or adoption, but that seems IMPOSSIBLE).

We are searching for a kind soul that can help us out and let us "borrow" your uterus for 9 months..We are so looking forward to becoming parents and hope that someone will come forward and help us out!