Hi All

We are an Irish couple living permanently in Sydney. I am 32 and my DH is 35. We have been together for 13 years and would love the help of an egg donor so that we may become parents.

I've known since around the time I was 17 that having my own children wouldn't be straightforward. I never got my periods as a teenager - initially I thought I was a "late developer" and while I wanted them badly & to be normal like everyone else they just never arrived. I visited a specialist & further tests revealed that things had frozen in time for an unknown reason. After a lot more tests, a laparoscopy found that while I had a womb and unblocked tubes etc, my ovaries had never ovulated. When the Dr told me this, I had to ask whether I not I'd be able to have children & he said no, that it was unlikely. My reaction at that age was to try to pretend that being a mum was not something I wanted but I was of course just kidding myself.

Late in my teens I met the boy who would later become my DH. He always accepted my situation and continues to be incredibly supportive - he sees it as our challenge not mine alone. In 2003 we decided to move to Sydney "for a year" initially but love it here & have since become citizens! After a few years we went to see a specialist who raised the option of egg donation... it was the first time I ever thought I had a way of becoming a mum! We took our time getting our heads around it and two years ago were lucky enough to have a friend offer to donate. After a real rollercoaster ride, we had one embryo on transfer day and were over the moon when we got a positive pregnancy result. Unfortunately things didn't continue to go so well and while my hormone levels were initially perfect, three weeks after finding out I was pregnant, I had a miscarriage. I can't describe the sense of loss and disappointment.

We did however pick ourselves back up & last year we were lucky enough to find another egg donor. This time we had four embryos reach the blastocyst (day 5) stage. During 2011, we transferred three of the four embryos but unfortunately none resulted in a pregnancy and the fourth failed to defrost.

The ups and downs of the past few years have been incredibly tough but somehow I feel they have made us stronger as a couple & appreciative of all the great things we have in our life together. We have been told that there's nothing physically to stop me carrying a child and that we have simply had back luck. As we headed into 2012, we could easily have lost hope but instead we both got a strong feeling that this year our luck will turn and we will find our path to parenthood. Neither of our past donors are in a position to donate again so we are hoping to find another generous lady to help us. If you're under 35 and would like to help or find out more, please send me a private message.

Thanks for reading