DD is 19 months old. Just over 6 weeks ago I had a baby that could sleep through the night. Difficult as she was to get to sleep, she slept through at least.

6 weeks ago, DD had an adenotonsillectomy. Awesome, because now she can eat and breathe. Just the non-essentials in life. Haha.

For the last 6 weeks she has been waking constantly. I understand 3 or 4 weeks recovery and getting used to all that oxygen while sleeping. But the last week and a half that DP has been away, she has been waking at 2:30am EVERY day. WT...?!

Also she never wakes up happy anymore, the first sound I hear from her room is a screamy/whingy cry.

Someone please help. I'm struggling with no sleep. It's hard enough getting to sleep once with SPD, let alone doing it again at 3:00. (I only get to bed again because the only way to shut DD up, is to give her a bottle, which really p!$$es me off since she never needed one before. But she lies there screaming for one)

WooHoo! Another iphone!