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    Default Fussy booby eater

    DD is breastfed (with the occasional bottle of EBM). Lately, she has been fussy on the breast. She'll feed for maybe a couple of minutes and then will arch off and won't reattach. When I try to guide her to reattach she'll continue to push away and grunt. I try switching sides and she will only sometimes attach to the other side. I then try switching her back to the first side, but no luck.

    Lying down to feed her is the only time when we'll have some success and she'll eat for a good period of time.

    I thought maybe it was my supply, but I still seem to have milk in there?

    At first I thought it was just a phase and this is what the MACH nurse told me. But it's now lasted for about a month.

    She's still getting all the wet nappies and gaining weight, but I am thinking that her irregular feeding is causing her to want to eat more at night (and more wake ups - which is okay, but if she could eat more during the day and sleep more at night that would be fantastic)

    Has this happened to anyone before? Any ideas/tips on how to make it easier on both of us? I'm not interested in switching to formula - unless absolutely necessary. She was such a great feeder before.

    Thanks for reading. Sorry for the essay

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    My 9 week Old is doing this too. I find it is either

    She's overtired, so I have to settle her and try a feed again
    Shes too busy looking around, so I cover us with a wrap
    She's Got wind, so I hold her upright and she usually has a big burp

    I think it can also be a flow issue too, either fast flow at tue beginning or slow let down.

    Hope it settles down soon!!

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    This is a common concern when babies are around 4 months, they are more aware of their surroundings and the world is just too exciting to feed fo r too long.

    No reason to go to formula, your bub sounds pretty normal. some people find feeding in a quiet room can help, or wearing a bright sparkly necklace (to keep baby s attention), or (my fav) singing to baby and playing games with their hands.

    Babies also get more efficient atfeeding, so maybe she is getting enough milk in a shorter period of time.

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    I had a similar issue and after talking with an LC, I'm pretty sure it was a high flow issue. I was also worried maybe I didn't have enough milk but when I hand expressed a jet of milk went flying across the room.

    Feeding lying down works for us, but if I can slouch down and have her more upright lying across my body (more vertical than horizontal) that seems to keep the flow in better check. Also, if I see her starting to fuss and pop off I'll set her upright right away which lets her swallow the extra milk quickly and then she'll go back on.

    That said - it is also sometimes one of the three things Mamanurture suggested.

    Good luck. If you're really stuck is there a free drop-in lactation clinic through your early childhood center? Or try calling the ABA?

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    My DD has done this twice for about a week each time. I was so distressed thinking she didn't want to bf anymore. She would scream and push me away until I lay down to feed. I also have a very fast flow but don't beleive that was the case with DD as she usually copes well with it.
    The second time it happened I just tried to relax and kept offering the breast every now and then and if she cried it put it away and give her cuddles.

    Baby wearing, co-sleeping, booby feeding mummy to one

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