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    Default Does my son have a milk allergy?

    I have a 4 month old and I'm wanting to start slowly weaning him off the breast over the next 2 months. So I have tried s26 gold and now NAN pro gold and he won't take either. He may get the slightest amount and from 5 minutes to an hour or 2 he has a projectile vomit, never does this on the breast he also has silent reflux which he is medicated for. He has no issue with bottles as I express daily to top up in the evenings.

    So do you think he may have a allergy to the milk protein or coincidence he's only has the formula 3 times?

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    I would try one of the HA formulas - they are hypoallergenic so the protein has been broken down further, making it easier to digest. This may help your bub transition to formula better.

    He may well have an intolerance to cows milk protein (my DS does, it sucks) but if you drink milk or eat dairy then typically you would have already seen some symptoms while b/f, even if to a lesser degree.


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