I'm going back to work soon, so I need to give my dd some EBM in a bottle and I've got a few questions. It's been too long since my ds was a bub and I've forgotten!

1. Should I just let her suck continuously on the teat, or should I stop her every 30 or 50ml & burp her? She had colic as a little bub and is still quite sensitive and gets fussy if she needs to burp/pass wind/etc.
2. She dribbled milk around the teat this morning ... sucking well, but dribbling quite a bit of milk. Does this mean the teat is too fast for her? I'd offered a medium flow teat cause I know with BFing she's a super fast drinker & gets frustrated if my milk doesn't flow quick enough for her.
3. I don't want to spend a fortune on bottles if I don't need to, but is there a bottle that might reduce colic symptoms? She doesn't seem to be sucking in much air when she drinks currently and I'm just using the simplest, cheapest bottles from Baby Bunting (BPA free of course ). Do all bottle fed babies burp more? (she is 4.5 months old now by the way).