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    Default Oh sleep I want you back

    Having alot of trouble sleeping!!! Im only (nearly) 25 weeks along.. I flip from one side to the other and never seem to be able to get comfortable!!!!


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    I'm sorry but it gets worse... Think "preparation for baby". Mother nature is cruel... Lol

    I'm 36 weeks and have a 19 month old who has decided if I do manage to get to sleep... She'll fix that problem.

    I found when I was pg with DD, that I needed a really soft topping on my mattress. I just got a cheap egg shell foam thing and put that on on the mattress and it was bliss. Still not as much sleep as I would have liked, but it was easier to get to sleep.

    Another option could be, if you don't have one, get either a body pillow or an elbow pillow to put in front of you. Put one end either between your legs or have one leg over the other resting on the pillow, and have it curved around your belly so you can lean on it.

    Sorry I can't be much help. It does get easier to deal with as you go on, I think it's because we just get used to minimal sleep...

    WooHoo! Another iphone!

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    I second the soft topping on the mattress. I had so much trouble tossing and turning trying to get comfortable when I was pregnant with DD. But this pregnancy I've been sleeping on memory foam with a belly bean for back and bump support and it is amazing, I've had no trouble getting to sleep the last 35 weeks. If its an option, it's definitely worth getting memory foam if you can afford it as ours was a bit expensive. If not there are those egg carton alternatives that they sell at places like big w. Also a good pregnancy pillow is a must! Hope that you start getting a better nights sleep soon!


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