Hello everyone,

My name’s Laura - I'm a 22 year old, third-year Nursing and Midwifery student with QUT (recommencing my Midwifery studies at Griffith University in 2012).

It is a requirement for Midwifery registration in Australia that university students complete follow-through or continuity-of-care experiences with a set number of women in their local area. I am currently seeking a woman of any gestation in Brisbane to follow and support through pregnancy, labour/birth and the postpartum period (to 6 weeks) in 2012.

I am a skilled and knowledgeable companion, able to offer you professional yet personal support under the guidance of the Griffith University Midwives and your own Registered Midwife. I am required to attend at minimum 2 of your antenatal appointments, 1 postnatal appointment and - if you so choose - your labour and birth. I’m also happy to accompany you to your other maternity appointments if you wish (eg. ultrasound scans, birth classes, breast-feeding workshops, etc. etc.). All Griffith University students sign informal contracts of commitment and confidentiality with each woman they follow.

I have worked with a diverse range of women on Midwifery practicums in the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital’s birth suite, antenatal/postnatal wards, lactation clinics and in the community outpatients setting. I have also attended births and worked in neonatal intensive care settings in China and South Africa.

I am based on Brisbane’s Bayside and will complete my Midwifery training at Redlands Hospital, however am keen to engage with women preparing to birth in any setting in eastern/southern/northern Brisbane.

I look forward to getting to know you and your family, and supporting you through this exciting life transition.