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    Default My positive c-section story

    Well it's over 3 months since it happened and I've been meaning to post here but my little refluxy colicky bubba has distracted me somewhat. She's now pretty much over those and sleeping through now so I can post about my positive c-section experience.

    I had always wanted a c-sec, never saw myself giving birth 'naturally'. So after a few months of IVF and a few months of pregnancy I told my ob/fertility specialist I wanted one and he was surprisingly supportive. He looked at my fairly tall and large DH and said "well looks like baby will be big and you have quite a big head don't you so it's probably a good thing". Took a while for hubby to register what he was saying.

    Anyhow, I had an elective c-section planned for 1 week before due date.

    So, when I was late term I was classed as high risk because my baby was lying transverse with her arms and legs downwards and umbilical cord sitting right over my cervix, which meant that if my waters broke there was a risk of 'umbilical prolapse' where the cord comes out first and can cut off oxygen to baby. This meant that my elective c-section was changed to a scheduled c-section 2 weeks before due date and I was hospitalised 4 weeks before due date for rest and observation.

    My waters broke when I was 3 weeks pre-term and painting my toenails in my hospital room. I got to use the big red emergency button next to the loo and within seconds about 5 nurses rushed in and bundled me onto the bed and elevated my bottom. The nurses were great, I wasn't freaking out particularly but they were so reassuring and really lovely while getting me to the operating theatre.

    I was a bit scared when they were putting the epidural in even though it didn't hurt, and I honestly think that if I didn't know what was involved with an epi I would have not stressed at all. Ignorance is bliss, right?

    My husband was a bit late getting there so they held up procedings until he arrived. When he did arrive he was wearing thongs so they let him borrow another surgeon's white wellies (the only ones that would fit his size 12s) and we went into theatre. He had been doing some gardening and dropped everything to rush in.

    When we did go into theatre it was so very quick. I remember the surgeon (he wasn't my usual obstetrician, he was away for the weekend) complaining about the music available, but he was so very good. He was actually the fertility specialist who put my baby in me in the first place, as an embryo so I didn't mind at all that he was taking her out. Got a lovely photo of him holding her when she was born. I only wish I could have had a print out of the microscopic multi-celled organism he put in, but I guess that image is burned on mine and DHs memory.

    I honestly didn't feel anything apart from some sensation of pulling while it was going on, however there was a shiny steel air vent directly above me that was reflecting just enough to see, so I made sure I looked away because I could see some red stuff at one point and didn't want to see more.

    DH was by my side the whole time, holding my hand, and looking rather scared.

    When she came out she was checked over and my husband was encouraged to be right there to see it all, and then she was wrapped up and put on my chest while they finished sewing me up. Lots of photos and the nurses even took the camera and took some snaps for us.

    Recovery was lovely, my husband was by my side holding our daughter and when we went back to my room the midwives were awesome again. At first I was unable to sit up by myself but they helped me to sit up and see/touch her in her cot. DH slept in our room that night, he was on the floor and had some skin to skin nap time which he loved, and did the first nappy change.

    The next day I was up and about, after they took the catheter out I showered with the help of a midwife. After that I was getting around pretty well to the toilet and back, and could see and hold my baby whenever I wanted.

    I can honestly say that I had a fantastic c-section experience.

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    Default c-section ready!

    hi there!

    i just read your positive c section story and want to say thankyou so much for putting my mind at ease! i am 40 yrs old and surprisingly concieved naturally although have had 2 misscarriages in the past.
    i too always have made that decision in myself that an elective c section was the right choice for me.
    i have had many women tell me of their horror birthing stories and some have even made me feel guilty in telling me that the only way to birth is the natural way leaving me quite upset.
    i too have a very supportive ob and because i am only very slight in build, my dh is 6ft7" with size 15 feet (i am size 6 not pregnant) ,he also agreed that i had made the right choice.
    just as well because here i am going along thinking i am 32 weeks pregnant and my last ultrasound that was on friday said i was 35 weeks and 2 days!
    i blame the size of dh for that one!
    anyhoo, congratulations on your bubba it is wonderful news for you and your hubby and goodluck in the future.

    from sarah


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    Thanks for sharing your story .

    After 3rd degree tearing and bladder and uterine prolapse after the birth of my son I'm pregnant again and have made the decision to have a c-section so as not to worsen my prolapses.

    I am really scared about the whole thing, but your story has helped to put my mind at ease a little.

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    hi felicity,

    you really have been through an awful lot , and this time around everything will be just fine.
    it is time to relax and put your feet up ,try not to stress as you have definately made the right decision for you.
    i will keep you posted on my positive c section story if you like as i am not far
    off myself!

    take care!


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