Yep facing the side of the child is how we change our 0-2s at work. The bench the change mat is on runs almost the entire length of the wall on the changing area. At one end joining the corner wall is a hand washing sink and a step to get up to it. Than going back along the bench is a basket full of wipes, creams, powders and gloves. Than the change mat fills the rest of the bench. There is about 70cm gap between the bench and the next wall with a step for the bigger kids to use to climb up on the bench. If would stood in that gap it be more dangerous with bubs being able to roll of the change mat. This way we stand in front of the bench. Nappies baskets are in a cupboard under the change mat and we get them out before putting the child on the change mat. It's a bit awkward to start but you get use to it