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    Default How can i support my friend? What does it all mean?

    My friends DD2 has been born with several abnormalities. Extra 1/2 a chromosome, hip dysplasia, cleft palette, organ damage (has been operated on ready) and the list goes on.She is a few months old now, still in hospital, and wont take boob or bottle so is fed through a tube. What future do you assume for a baby like this? I dont want to probe my friend for answers when she is so upset and unsure herself. Would you assume she will be a full time carer her whole life? Will a baby like this survive 'normal' length of life?What does an extra half a chromosome mean? I have no idea what to sayvor how to support my friend. Any words of wisdom?X

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    It depends on the chromosome and what has actually doubled up to really know what sort of abnormalities (if any) the extra half a chromosome can cause.

    The cleft palette and hip dysplasia are easily repaired by amazing doctors because that is what is available here.

    I think you need to try and be positive and upbeat without being overbearing about it all, and just make sure your friend knows you are there for her even with concerns, and sometimes it's better to talk about it

    It's going to be a hard few first years but she needs continuous support and friends


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