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    Default Elective c section on THURSDAY!!!

    im having my 4th cs on thursday (16th)!!
    i had my pre op appt yesterday but still cant help but be nervous!! Im not nervous about the procedure itself im just worried about the spinal and the inseration of the drip :/
    i spoke to the anaesthetist yesterday about my concerns as with my last elective c section i had a shocker of a person doing my spinal etc. When she done my drip she must not have put enough local anaesthetic in as i shrieked and just about jumped through the roof when she was doing it!! he said that it should have been just uncomfortable and not painful, he told me to make sure they use enough this time. LOL
    Then when my spinal was done i passed out as a pain shot down my hip and made me faint, i couldnt talk and tell them what was happening or anything i just passed out. He told me that it sounds like she hit a nerve
    im soooo worried about this happening again i just cant get over the fear of it!! i had passing out and im not good with needles !! Though being onto my 4th c section you would think i would be ok with it by now!!
    i cant talk to anyone about how im feeling as they just say you will be fine etc as they havent been through it
    I know that they do these things EVERYDAY and know they know what they are doing but i just cant get rid of this feeling and i hate it!! i am excited knowing that in just 4 days time i will have my baby in my arms!
    Does anyone know if i can request for a non student to do my spinal etc ?? this lady was new at it and im gathering thats why she wasnt any good!!
    sorry about the raving i just wish i could get rid of this feeling

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    Eek, hate the thought of a student sticking things into my spine! I think if you've spoken to your anesthetist about your bad experience they should be extra diligent in making the spinal and cannula stress & pain free.
    Maybe ask if you can have emla cream so you can't feel it on your skin.
    All the best!!! 4 caesars youre an expert now!


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