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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmyboys View Post
    Imagine you have a next door neighbour with a 15 year old daughter, you hear him telling her off for whining about chores etc on facebook and then you see him shooting her laptop, in all honesty who of you would go 'oh that's really good, he's teaching her a lesson' and who of you would go 'omg he's out of control' and ring child protection. I know what I would do.
    I do not condone her behaviour, and I know I am fortunate enough to live here and not the US, but I live next door to someone with 11 kids, and those kids half half siblings who stay sometimes, so teens whinging about chores is something I am used to. When they whinge to me I tell them they can legally move out and live in squalor if they so choose, otherwise go home and do what your mother told you to do.

    If one of them pulled out a gun, I would be too scared ever to leave the house again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savingfishfromdrowning View Post
    I think we do agree essentially. I don't want to continue to debate with you. My main reason for arguing for this action is because I think the man acted imperfectly (I think if you read between the lines in his blog you might think he is realising this himself), but we don't have to be perfect parents. There was justice in some of what he did as well.

    The term 'unequal' is not the best term, again a colloquial use and if taken literally not exactly what I meant (in defense I am pregnant and for some reason having word-finding difficutlies ).

    I apologise for the sarcasm, you are right, it was not appropriate.
    Thank you for the apology. I appreciate it

    Quote Originally Posted by Savingfishfromdrowning View Post
    You did take my quote out of context, as did Witwicky. The second sentence of my post provided clarification for the first. If you just look at the first sentence it doesn't convey the meaning at all. I still think partial quoting in a debate is rude. Using said quote to insinuate that I am prejudiced to people with a disability or groups that have a history of discrimination is uncalled for.
    That's actually *not* what I was trying to convey at all. I don't know you so I can't know if you're prejudiced or if you are, against which groups of people (in the absence of evidence otherwise, I actually tend to assume that people are *not* prejudiced - especially when they appear to be intelligent...people who actually are prejudiced genuinely shock me).

    What I was trying to convey is that if it were any other group of people that are denied rights and held to be under the control of any other group of people, here, it would be seen to be the travesty it is.

    I don't agree that there is justice in shooting and destroying another person's belongings, and had it happened to any other person on the planet for any other transgression against another person of this nature, the person doing the shooting would have landed themselves in jail. That's the whole point. That just because she is his child does not make his actions appropriate, just, or not-abusive. In fact because he's in a position of power and authority over her, it makes his actions that much more shocking and inappropriate. If he'd directed that behaviour at another adult, at least they would have had the capacity, means, and societal support to gain some justice for the wrong. Apparently, because this is a child we're talking about - she doesn't deserve those supports or accesses to help. I find that unacceptable...and think it's why child abuse in all modalities is rife in our society.

    I'm sorry that I miscommunicated what I meant to you. I seriously didn't mean to imply that you were prejudiced against anybody. I'm really sorry that it came across that way.

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    fiveinthebed, share a book and alexander beetle - if you are going to quote me how about you read my posts first?!

    i don't agree that pulling out a gun and shooting a laptop is sensible. i'm merely stating (as i did in my original post) that it deserved to be confiscated.

    i'm sure most parents reflect on disciplinary issues with their children and think it may have been excessive. i'm betting the father wishes he had kept his mouth shut now....

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    Reading his update it sounds like he has learned nothing and infact was making excuses for his actions and minimising saying she hasn't been negatively effected. I'm no perfect parent but when I make a mistake I own it and vow to do better next time. If you don't acknowledge there's an issue then nothing changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by halloweendee View Post
    america's culture when it comes to guns is completely different to ours.
    and while i personally would never do what he did, i do understand he was at his wits end and used it as a shock tactic.
    he did not abuse his daughter, merely destroyed a piece of property to prove a point in my opinion.

    Sorry for quoting you Halloweendee, But this, together with your other post led me to assume you are suggesting he 'merely destroyed' a piece of property...used a 'shock tactic' to do so.

    I, personally, see it in a different light - that 'confiscating' a piece of property does not involve blowing holes in it.
    Along with others I have felt quite threatened - even on the other end of a computer screen in a different country.

    Police have a warning out to 'hoon' drivers that certain offences will result in their car being impounded (or confiscated) ...and fair enough.
    Same thing here - I agree with the 'taking away a toy/activity/techy bit of equipment' -- it's the SHOOTING with a weapon and putting it up for all to see - that I, personally find disgusting.

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    thanks this thread is closed - at least temporarily



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