Hello and welcome to my Blog, Child's Play!

I am a mother of two young children, currently on leave from my profession as a Primary School Teacher, where I worked with children in both ELC (Early Learning Centre) and Primary School settings.

As a teacher I would always aim to ensure my students were able to enjoy their learning experiences. As a parent I am just as passionate about the activities, games and toys my children play with.

When friends or family visit, they will often comment on the play spaces for my children to role play in around the home, the craft activities set up to create masterpieces, or the cushions ready to relax on with a book or two.

My aim for this Blog is to share with you my knowledge and ideas to develop fun, creative and educational play at home. I will attempt to focus on many aspects of play, such as play with a non-mobile baby, ways to experiment with paint, topics to talk about while on a walk with your toddler and many more.

Whilst I will endeavour to discuss as many facets of play as possible, I am more than happy for you to write me with a specific area you would like suggestions for.

I look forward to sharing this fun journey of play with you!