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    Unhappy Tweddle, CC, PND, feeding and everything in between! Advice reassurance needed :(

    Hello all!

    I'm new here and am in need of some advice/comfort with my DD 7mths.

    Well first off, I'm a first time mum and nothing could have prepared me with all this. When DD was first born, it was all perfect. From 3 weeks she'd sleep through the night, beautifully natured and our little angel. In the last 5-6 weeks our darling angel has turned (forgive me for this one!) into the Antichrist!

    Since DF and I moved out of my parents place, DD has done a complete 180. She's waking through the night, not happy when she's up (only with Daddy is she happy), not feeding properly (FF).

    After 2 weeks of not settling at all and quite possibly calling the MCH Hotline a bit too much, we took her to the doctor. She had a slight inflammed ear and was put on Oral antibiotics (the yummy "milk" medicine from when I was a kid!) and was prescribed Zantac Syrup because she had a touch of colic. Now, with all that passed, A tooth has just come through..a whole 2mm of it!

    Now I know it's possibly teething still, but exhausted of people to turn to, we took her to Tweddle (a settle/feeding clinic) It was fine on the day, and we learned ALOT, it worked when we were there - the techniques (alot like controlled crying but a more comforting approach) - but now we're home it's all falling to shizen. That was on Monday. It's now Friday and I don't see ANY improvement! I know Rome wasn't built in a day, but this is ridiculous!

    She only eats 10-90ml now with a feed when it used to be 180-240ml. She doesn't eat it all in a normal sitting like she used to either. I don't know what to do. I'm thinking of tweaking the techniques we were taught and change it into Controlled Crying. Any advice? Has anyone else gone through this? How long did it take to work?

    Don't get me wrong, I love and adore our little miracle baby (I have PCOS and was told I'd never have kids...not trying and look what we have now!) but I'm starting to resent this all and hate myself..Dr saying I'm borderline PND, but I'm just exhausted and feel like a horrible mother. It's causing problems between DF and I also.

    I've tried looking into playgroups/mothers groups but the experience I've had with the last times were horrible and I'm a little scared of joining a new one, plus I don't know of any in this area. I also have no other friends (only 1 interstate) with children or any family who are supportive.

    I'm tired of being a zombie and crying for the mostpart of the day -.-

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    Hi there,

    Sounds like you and bubs have had a busy and tough few weeks - illness, colic, teething, moving house, new settling techniques!! I'm not surprised that you are both feeing exhausted and upset.

    Might be worth another trip to the doctors?

    Does Tweedle do follow up appointments, maybe they could visit you at home?

    IMO control crying would not fix these issues, and could make you and bubs feel worse.

    Sorry no real answers for you. I hope it gets better soon.

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    Can't read and not reply. My DS was extremely hard work too and I understand feeling miserable and stressed all day. But I don't think cc is the answer. You sound like you need some support. Can your DF take a few weeks off work to give you a little break? Or even look into a mother/baby unit at a hospital?

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    I think another trip to the doc to rule out silent reflux or some other issue? And i also agree that CC isn't the answer. At her age whatever the problem is is real to her, she can't be naughty or manipulative so CC won't help (IMO). I'm not sure what else to offer, it sounds like you have tried just about everything.

    I see you were prescribed Zantac, which is a reflux treatment, but it doesn't work for many babies (mine included) so maybe she needs a different treatment if it is reflux?


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