I am 11 days past ovulation (and about 3 days until my period) and had a negative early pregnancy test this morning using the Pregnosis early pregnancy test. I’ve also had two negative tests previously, because I tested 9 and 10 days after ovulation as well.

I’m just wondering if anyone had a negative pregnancy test this early with Pregnosis but still turned out to be pregnant? I know that only 11 days past ovulation can be too early to tell and that normal pregnancy tests often usually give a negative result at this stage, but Pregnosis says it is 98% accurate 7 to 10 days after ovulation. Does anyone know if this is true?

What do you think? Could I still be pregnant? If there is no chance (or very little chance) because Pregnosis would have picked it up by now, I’d rather experience the disappointment now and then try to mentally prepare myself for another month of trying, rather than holding out hope for another 3 or more days.