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    Default Hormones!

    Ok so not sure if it's just my hormones but arggh some ppl.
    My brother text me last night asking if I had an iPod my sister left here 8 months ago I told him I'm not sure I'll have a quick look but I can't properly look till weekend ( I'm working full week this week have to get home tea, clean and 2 Kids!!!) his reply "fair enougth" wth!!! Well today his gf text me looking for a baby harness. I told her I don't have hers but I had bought one. Her reply" we thought we lent it to u!" I said no I remember buying one cause there $50 buks!!! " she's like yes I know that's why I wanna find mine! Arggh ....WELL now I'm sitting here and she texts saying " random questions is my sons thongs at ur house???!!!!" these were I said " yea they r sitting on my cupboard" her reply " oh ok I've looked everywhere, thanks." omg anything else try wanna think is at my house !!!!!

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    Lol people need to stop leaving stuff at your house or assume they have cuz they do so often that would have driven me mad but hey I got hormones too lol


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