DS2 is almost nine months. Up until now I could usually pop him into his cot and he'd fall asleep. Sometimes needing a pat but he was pretty good. So now when I put him into bed he cries. Not a whinge or a complain but a big 'I'm sooooo sad' cry. Patting doesn't comfort him and neither does staying in the room, singing, anything. Basically I've ended up picking him up and cuddling or feeding him to sleep. It's the same for naps as night time. Now when he wakes in the night he is wide awake and sitting, standing or crawling around cot and is noisier and noisier until he's crying and sad and demanding to be picked up.

He also now often wakes after 20ish minutes, which I guess is one sleep cycle.

I figure he's just developing more of an awareness, but it's driving me bonkers. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

ETA he is crawling already, so sadly can't assume that it's a mental leap thing.