Hi All,

A little advice is needed.

My DD who is just over 2.5yrs old picked up the gastro virus at daycare. She has just started and in the two weeks she has been going has had diarrhoea over the AUS day long weekend and then a bout of vomitting this past Saturday. That cleared up on Sunday. The diarrhoea didn't start until the monday just gone.

It is now Wednesday and she still has the diarrhoea. I wouldn't say it is extreme as she just has a few small occurences in the morning when she gets up. She is in good spirits and is happy to eat her normal diet - she just does the diarrhoea first thing and then nothing for the rest of the day.

I know many people say to limit their diet when they have the diarrhoea but she is already such a picky eater. Of course I am reducing the dairy - she only has a little bit of milk on her breakfast and I haven't given her her normal drinks of milk during the day.

I don't want to take her to the doctor again as she isn't running a temp and the vomitting has gone.

Can anybody suggest anything to help bind her up a bit. At the same time I am reluctant to do that as obviously there is still a bug in her tummy that she needs to get out.

Any suggestions on what I should do?