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    Default The Birth of my Beautiful Girl Kourtney Skye

    I was getting very anxious as my due date (31st October 2011) was getting closer and closer, then before I knew it my due date had been and gone and I was still very much pregnant. As this was my first pregnancy I wasnt too sure of the signs of labour or lack of in my case. A week past my due date I went to the hospital for a check up with the doctor. Whilst there she did an internal to see if I had started dilating at all, I was 2cms at this stage. She also did a stretch and sweep just to see if she could get things happening. I was booked in for an induction on the 10th November 2011 as at the hospital i went to they dont like pregnancies going over 10 days overdue.

    Well the 10th November came around and off to the hospital I went along with my DH. Before starting the induction they did another internal, this time I was 3cms dilated. As i hadnt progressed much in the previous 4 days it was decided I was going to be induced using the gel. The gel was put in at approx 4:30pm, after this I started getting very mild contractions, approx 4-5 mins apart. Then at exactly 8:20pm the contractions starting coming very fast and very painful. Within 10 minutes of the first very painful contraction I started on the gas for pain relief.

    The next 5.5 hours were all a bit of a blur, I was so hooked on the gas I didnt know what was going on. Lucky for me DH was there every step of the way and he knew exactly what I wanted, my main wish was that if I asked for more pain relief at any stage that I was only allowed pethadine, no way was i to have an epi! By 1:50am (11/11/11) I was ready to push.

    I started the pushing stage in my birthing suite with my DH and mum by my side. I was trying so hard with every push, doing exactly what the midwives were telling me but no matter how hard I pushed my little girl did not want to come out. It was at this stage babys heartbeat started to drop and so did my blood pressure, it was decided I would be rushed through to the delivery suite so I could be assisted in delivering my baby.

    In the delivery suite there were so many doctor and midwives which made me start to panic but I knew I had to concentrate on my pushing. I heard the doctors discussing a possible emergency c-section, which was my worst fear but with the assistance of ventouse (vacuum devise) my baby girl made her way into the world at 2:27am 11/11/11, but she still wasnt out of the woods. She had the cord wrapped around her neck and wasnt breathing. All I wanted was to hear my little girl make a noise, any noise just so I knew she was ok. After a few minutes of the doctors working away on my little girl I heard that first beautiful cry. It was the best noise I have ever heard. With the exception of a bruised and swollen head from the ventouse my little girl was very healthy and absolutely perfect.

    Kourtney Skye weighed 7lb 4oz and was 52.5cms long. Today she is just over 12 weeks old and still as perfect as the day I first met her. I couldnt imagine my life without my gorgeous little girl.

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    Awwwww, how beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


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