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    Default Would the doctor give me a blood test today? Please help!

    Hi everyone! I really need your advice ...

    It has been 9 days since I ovulated this month and I’m so sure I am pregnant! I have been feeling really nauseated this morning. I haven’t vomited, but I nearly have and I keep feeling like I will, and I never feel nauseated. I really think it is morning sickness! I know that it is possible to have early symptoms of pregnancy from about this time …

    I took an early pregnancy test today because I’m 9 days past ovulation and my period is due in 4 to 6 days. It came back negative, but I know that the early tests aren’t very reliable. Since I’m having other symptoms, do you think a doctor would give me a blood test today? I’m assuming that the blood test is more sensitive and more accurate than an early home pregnancy test kit, am I right?

    I really can’t stand waiting!

    All the other signs seem right. I took an ovulation test, so I know exactly when I ovulated, I had cramping 7 days after ovulation, which I took to be implantation cramping. I’ve done everything right this cycle and while I know that doesn’t guarantee anything, and I could just be feeling sick this morning from the stress and anxiety of hoping I’m pregnant (even though I am trying hard to be relaxed about it!), I really do feel like I’m pregnant and I just want confirmation as soon as I can get it.

    What do you think?

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    You could request to have a blood test but it would take a day or 2 to get the results. I also tested when I would of been 4 weeks pregnant and got 5 negatives in a row, but low and behold I'm now 12 weeks pregnant.

    For you and i'm sending you lots of


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