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    I did quite a lot of activities as a child (swimming, dancing, horse riding, art lessons, netball, soccer, acrobatics, etc... obviously not all at once) but I don't know ANY kids who played as much as I did either. I was always outside, playing with toys or imaginery friends

    My kids also do extra activities, but it is only one hour a week each, so they still have plenty of time to play! We do nothing on the weekend either. They HAD to do swimming until they could swim, and then one other activity each.

    I thought it was very important for my kids, especially DD1, to do something outside of school, as she struggles a lot acedemically and I wanted her to be doing something else to give her confidence.
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    My children do swimming. I think living in Australia that this is so important. Once they get to a level where I am happy with (not sure where that is yet) as they could both fall in and save themselves if that happened. Maybe once they have a knowledge of all the strokes and have had enough, I will pull them out.

    My older child has come home wanting to do Ju Jitsu. This is on at the school, straight after school. She had her first lesson today and she loved it. As I had her younger sister there as well she joined in the free soccer lesson. If they are in after school care that day then they take them to the activity as it is on the school grounds.

    I only wanted them in swimming but they are wanting to do something else. I am not happy with the level they are at yet. They get plenty of free play time even doing two after school activities.

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    Perhaps because of increased disposable income, as well as increased availability of such things?

    Maybe even to do with ambition/ career hopes changing? Lots of the after school activities are done because children want to get good in a particular discipline, with the aim of making it a career one day.

    I don't think it's a case of the activities being there instead of letting kids run around the neighbourhood. I think it's more to do with wanting kids to be good at their hobbies and progress in them - and having the means/ income available to support that.

    I don't think there's a problem with it as long as there is balance and time for unstructured play too. And as long as it is something the kid wants to do, and not something the parent wants them to do!


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