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    I think like anything there are good and bad eggs about.

    I know someone who has very little prospect for employment but seems to be getting fantastic help from his JSA. His age counts against him, and he has phychological issues, but they keep offering to subsidise his training. He decided to do a course that needed Microsoft Office, and they bought it for him. He has now signed up for a different course, and when he gave the details to his JSA, they said they could've paid for it for him if he had given them the invoice, but they dont reimburse since he has already paid. (He will keep that in mind for further terms.)

    So, he is having to be the one to go out there and find what training he wants, but they are quite happy to support him with the financial expense fo that training.

    I've always been of the opinion they weren't really of any use finding a job, but good for funding training, providing a resume, and teaching interview techniques.


    I remember when my XH was with a JSA years ago, they even paid for clothes suitable to go for an interview. Actually now that I think of it, at the time it was an odd situation. They told him that they had a certain amount of money to spend on him (it was quite high - something like $2500 over the course of six months) and offerred multiple suggestions of what to spend it on.
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    Interesting subject!!

    I myself have used a JSP when I was between jobs ( changed from health care to mining) now the only reason I did was because Centerstink (lol yes you read that right) required me to look for work while they were paying me nothing- makes sense huh....

    So I went into each appointment with the JSP dreading having to spend the next 30mins discussing ever in ameboid of my life with a woman who would have been more suited to a position which did not involve contact with anything that moved or breathed.... Undertaker perhaps? she was horrid!!!!! She knew nothing about the industry or Australia for that matter (can you guess her country or origin???)

    At one point I was forced into taking on an admin job where I was subjected to sexual harassment. When I explained the situation to the JSP she told me that was not a good enough excuse to have resigned after only 3months :O

    When the contract with the mining company I worked for finally started she harassed me for the details and refused to take me off the system. So I was missing appointments all the time as I was away working and they sent paperwork to centerstink for non attendance!!! Which of course made life difficult having to sort out! Even the woman from centerlink said I was not obliged to tell them the details of. Y position as I had secured the job on my own merit and this JSP wanted to take credit for funding reasons!!! She continued to harass me for 5months.

    I also had to deal with a man in the same office who I reported to management for his disgusting behavior and treatment towards me. He told me 'everyone wants to work in the mines, you will never get in you are a woman' well excuse me buddy!!! I DID and I am over $100,000 better off than you ever year!!!!! Grrrrrrrr! I had several run ins with that moron!!

    I despise JSP's. I highly doubt I will ever go back to one regardless of how much centerlink demand I do. They have never helped me or anyone I know.

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    I found these to be the biggest tort aswell.. I mean, what's the point of going?? Centrelink sent me me several saying they will help me look for jobs, but as I am quite capable of looking myself, all I do for the JNP was to fill in some forms, never to hear back from them. You're only going there for the sake of fulfilling centrelink requirements. Extremely frustrating going to these places when you have next to no money for petrol or bus money etc.. And wasting effort that's better put to use on REAL job searching!!

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    I have also had the same treatment for a while now. You see, there are three 'levels' of assistance. A ****** 1 client (average job seeker) is given priority. ****** 2 and 3 clients (people with limitations or disability) don't come along that often, and so are kept on the books so as the JNP can claim a full funding package from the government. As for their individual suitability as job consultants, huh, I just came back from an appointment with a consultant who identified herself as a 'programmer' , but yet couldn't work out how to centre a paragraph on my cv for 5-6 minutes and then after which ( without provocation ) had the audacity to say that if I wasn't satisfied with her work I could go tell her manager because she knew he was very satisfied with her work.


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