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    You poor thing! I'm going through something very similar. Except I already knew I had PCOS. I saw GYN 2 weeks ago and I have CIN 3. I have also recently been diagnosed with Endo so I'm booked in for LLETZ procedure, a laparoscopy and endo excision all at once in April. Fun fun!

    My PCOS was diagnosed by blood test and transvaginal ultrasound.
    As far as the CIN 2 result, be glad it has obviously been caught early and that something is being done now. Have you had a colposcopy and/or biopsy? Take someone along to hold your hand if you haven't yet, my biopsy was done by a student doctor who took 3 because each sample wasn't big enough. I was in tears by the end and so glad DF was with me.
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    mum2b, that sounds horrible about your colcoscopy. I really hate student DRs I had a mc 9 years ago and got the worst treatment from one, I won't let them near me now. I'm lucky to have found a great dr (just wish she wasn't so expensive!). I feel like a lab rat though after these last few weeks. 2 blood tests, a colcoscopy and biopsy, and today an ultrasound. One more blood test left on CD21 and then back to the dr I go for results and a leep. I've been in pain after both the US and colcoscopy so I'm not looking forward to it at all.

    I'm overanalyzing today. The US screen looked pretty normal to me buuut I got a call from my dr only a few hours later saying she needed to discuss it, but I have the films so she hasn't even seen them yet. The US tech was pretty mum, which I expected really, but now I'm worried....


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