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    DD is 6 months, I just follow her cues. She usually wakes about 7/7:30am and is up for roughly 2hrs at a time, 3 sleeps during the day. The middle sleep is usually the long one, but it changes. She's kind of fallen into enough of a routine that I have a pretty good idea when is a good or bad time to plan something.

    Just run with it, they're still a bit young for strict routines IMO.

    Eta - this is what she does most days but is by no means set in stone:

    7/7:30 - wakes up, feed, play
    9 -10am - sleep
    10 - 12pm - play, feed, play (solids in there somewhere)
    12pm - sleep, this is the variable one, it can last between 40min to 4hrs! Average probably 2 hours so let's go with that.
    2pm-4pm - play, feed, play
    4 - 5pm - sleep
    5 - 7/8pm - play, feed, play/bath, story (solids in there somewhere)
    7/8pm - sleep
    Midnight - dream feed

    I'm sure she'll change it up on me soon!!
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    I didn't put dd into a routine, she found her own and I followed her lead. My nephew is 9 months and has no semblence of a routine. His mother tried to force him into one and left him to cry until he vomited at just 3 weeks old so my brother put his foot down and he is now primary caregiver. Everyone is happier, but it's hit and miss with visits. We might see him, we might not. But now when we see him he's happy, cuddly, playful, whereas he used to just scream constantly when she tried to force him to abide by some other idiot author's routine.

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    Every baby is different some thrive on routine some don't, with my first daughter she fell into a routine from around 5/6 months and we had to stick to that otherwise she would be up all night and so over tired, she had set times wake 6/7am nap 9am, 12pm and 3pm bed at 6/7 also she had to be in her cot at home otherwise she would just refused to sleep it's what worked for us so we did it where as my second daughter is more of a go with the flow baby will happily sleep anywhere anytime she naps and feeds all different times of the day she's the complete opposite to my first DD but it's working so I'm not going to force her to do something else, six months is still young they are always changing it's easier to be more flexible from my experience

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