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    Default kick counters??

    I've heard all these things about kick counters/counting kicks
    how many times a day are you supposed to feel baby move anyway?
    I am 33 weeks today

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    Hi Mumma - i have read many things about this. I'm not actively counting kicks but had heard that you were supposed to feel 10+ movements in an hour. I asked my GP (who's an OB specialist) and he said that is grossly incorrect and that as a guide, they like you to feel 10+ kicks in a 24 hour period. This is any sort of movement....kicks, hiccups, rolls etc

    Remembering, all babies are different. Sometimes my little one will have the bare 10 a day, the next day he might have 20+!!! I think the main thing to remember is that if you notice your baby kicking (movements) change all of a sudden, then you might want to get checked out for piece of mind, but if they are similar amounts of movement each day, it should be fine whatever the number of movements is!!

    That being said, i'm certainly no doctor or have any form of official knowledge so if you feel your kick counts are down, just give your midwife a call. In my experience they are very helpful and would prefer you to call if your at all worried.



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